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My Mission

My name is Martin and I’m an experienced Nordic wilderness guide and photographer.

I’ve been exploring and guiding in the Arctic for a decade now.

I felt the need to work on my own and stay away from the big companies. My goal is to avoid mass tourism. Mass tourism does not allow a flexible, authentic and ethical touch in the traveller’s experience. I think most of the people come to Lapland once in a lifetime and they deserve once in a lifetime experience.

My vision

I always wanted to guide just a couple of people at a time, talk to them, and bring them on the adventures they dreamed about. Travellers must make the most of their visit as they may not have the chance to come this far north again.

This is why I want to design custom-tailored adventures, meeting your individual needs. Therefore, I would take you for a Northern lights trip only when there is a chance to see the lights. I would bring you only to thоse husky and reindeer farms that follow animal welfare guidelines, and we would hike not at the closest but at the beautiful places instead.

I can arrange for you anything from a day trip to a multiple-day expedition. Just email me and let me know when are you planning to come and what you’d like to achieve during your visit. Whether you are a photographer who needs the best location for photography or a filmmaker, or you simply desire to enjoy something unique and authentic, we can create together with your desired activities.

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About me

I’m a wilderness guide, and I love telling stories with my films and photographs.

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